texas dutchmenALAN WALLING: Accordion, Synth, Vocals
Alan Walling, originally from Houston, Texas, is one of the original founding members along with Wolfgang and Manfred. Alan is an accordion veteran, having played the instrument while still in diapers. His extensive knowledge of styles range from traditional Austrian/German, Classical, Cajun, Jazz, Country, and Big Band, all the way to Rock. Never heard Freebird on an accordion? Alan is also one of the main people responsible for booking band gigs as well as MC’ing.

GORDON STRAND: Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals.
Gordon, originally from Waco, Texas, moved to the Ft. Worth area in 1989. In his formative years he performed in his father’s well-known big band, The Harold Strand Orchestra, playing tenor sax and clarinet. He joined AMK (AlpenMusikanten) shortly after the band was formed, bringing his big band expertise and spontaneous zany humor to the mix. He also provides back up vocals.

MANFRED ZEHENTMAYR: Alto Sax, Clarinet, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Manfred, from Salzburg, Austria is one of the founding members of AMK. A former member of the Stratton Mountain Boys, The Sauerkrauts, and a graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in Music Education, Manfred’s beautiful melodic clarinet playing as well as singing and yodeling adds a traditional flair to the band.

PAUL DURAPAU: Drums and Percussion, Vocals
Paul Durapau, originally from New Orleans, LA, moved to Texas in 1979 to attend the University of North Texas. He is the rhythmic engine of the band, playing the drums as well as several different percussion instruments. He also provides back up vocals and harmony. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas music program with a degree in music education.

WOLFGANG LACKNER: Bass Guitar, Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Banjo and Vocals
Wolfgang, also from Austria, near Graz, a former member of the Stratton Mtn Boys and Sauerkrauts as well, and a graduate of North Texas, with a degree in composition is a part of the rhythmic section of the band, providing the bass, as well as playing lead guitar and singing and yodeling. Once Gordon’s spontaneous humor has been fired up and set in motion, Wolfgang is usually right behind Gordon to support him with additional “fuel” to take it over the edge.


Children 12 and under are FREE. One daily admission includes all participating halls: KJT, KC, and Sokol. (Josh Ward / Kody West Country Concert admission is additional)
 ticketFRI., MAY 24... $9;
SAT., MAY 25... $14;
SUN., MAY 26... $11;
3 DAY - $30

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Park and Ride from Downtown (Intersection of N Dallas and W Belknap) to the KJT, KC and Sokol Halls.

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