pictureWith over 100 years of continuous service to the Ennis community and its guests, the 30,000 square foot Sokol Activity Center located two miles east of downtown Ennis on Highway 34 (East Ennis Ave.) carries on a deeply rooted tradition that started in 1908. A proud group of immigrants banded together to preserve the heritage brought from their homeland while embracing American patriotism and the athleticism synonymous with Sokol. The Sokol Activity Center is home to a Czech Museum and Library, were artifacts range from ancient local photos of early Czech-American history to authentic Czech costumes and the uniforms of local Czech-Americans who fought valiantly for their new homeland. Photos of trips taken back to the Czech republic by Sokol members are well-preserved there as well. The museum welcomes donations and memorials, and many of the Czech books found there can no longer be found in the Czech Republic. Local Sokol members play an important role in the larger American Sokol organization. The Ennis unit was named after Karel Havlicek Borovsky, a beloved Czech patriot who dedicated his life to freedom. Images of Borovsky may be seen in several places of the Ennis center. "The Czechs love and affection of this national hero is equated to the American love for Abraham Lincoln," once said a Sokol spokesman. A beautiful mural commissioned for the center depicts Czech-Americans under an American flag, looking back at their homeland as a "slet" or flock of Sokols (Falcons in English) wings its way between the Czech Homelands and the US. Sokol gymnastic meets are known as "slets." Several Czech organizations make the Sokol Activity their home, including WFLA Lodge number 402, SPJST Lodge 135, RVOS Lodge 135, and a Ladies Sewing Circle. The goal of the Sokol is to preserve Czech culture as it practices the fellowship of men and women who pursue a program of gymnastics and physical education for the development of good health, sound moral virtues and harmony for mankind.

Sokol Information

 ticketCzech Out the Sokol Museum - Historical Sokol, Czech, and Ennis Information, Pictures and Books. Open Saturday and Sunday.
2622 E. HWY. 34
ENNIS, TX 75119

Sokol Menu

strudelPrice of food does NOT include admission.
ADULTS - $11.00 AND CHILDREN- $7.00
Barbeque Beef and Klobase, Parsley Potatoes, Green Beans, Sauerkraut, Bread, Czech Pastries, Tea or Coffee.
Or Pork Roast, Dumplings, Parsley Potatoes, Green Beans and Sauerkraut.


Children 12 and under are FREE. One daily admission includes all participating halls: KJT, KC, and Sokol. (Josh Ward / Kody West Country Concert admission is additional)
 ticketFRI., MAY 24... $9;
SAT., MAY 25... $14;
SUN., MAY 26... $11;
3 DAY - $30

Free Shuttle Buses


Park and Ride from Downtown (Intersection of N Dallas and W Belknap) to the KJT, KC and Sokol Halls.

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